Chiral excitations of magnetic droplet solitons driven by their own inertia

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February 8, 2018
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Chiral excitations of magnetic droplet solitons driven by their own inertia

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Journal: Phyical Review B

Authors: Morteza Mohseni, D. R. Rodrigues, M. Saghafi, S. Chung, M. Ahlberg, H. F. Yazdi, Q. Wang, S. A. H. Banuazizi, P. Pirro, J. Åkerman, and Majid Mohseni

Abstract: The inertial effects of magnetic solitons play a crucial role in their dynamics and stability. Yet governing their inertial effects is a challenge for their use in real devices. Here, we show how to control the inertial effects of magnetic droplet solitons. Magnetic droplets are more strongly nonlinear and localized autosolitons than can form in current-driven nanocontacts. Droplets can be considered as dynamical particles with an effective mass. We show that the dynamical droplet bears a second excitation under its own inertia. These excitations comprise a chiral profile, and appear when the droplet resists the force induced by the Oersted field of the current injected into the nanocontact. We reveal the role of the spin torque on the excitation of these chiral modes and we show how to control these modes using the current and the field.

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